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Setting up a Facebook Business Page

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Welcome to the course

Learn more about how Facebook and social media work.

Setting up your Facebook business page

Creating professional graphics

Growing your business using Facebook

The next steps


In this course you will learn how to set up a professional Facebook page for your business.

Let’s face it there are millions of businesses with a Facebook page out there, probably in the same industry as your business. Standing out on social media is important so we put together this basic course to help you with DIY tips:

  • You will learn some basic information about Facebook
  • Learn how to set up a business page
  • Learn more about a free online tool to help you create graphics for your Facebook business page

Social media is constantly changing, take time to keep learning and improving your skills. This is a basic course and is ideally for business owners taking the DIY approach to get started with a social media presence using Facebook.

What to learn?

Have the skills and tools to setup a professional business Facebook page Get started with online marketing Start attracting new customers using Facebook


  • Internet connection is required for the course
  • Facebook page
  • Remember to use the workbook

Target Audience

  • Business owners
  • Startups
  • Corporate entrepreneurship programmes


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Material Includes

  • Learner guide including online tools download in the resources section
  • Workbook including the process used to develop a basic social media strategy
  • Free video tutorials
  • Bonus video with social media tips