Welcome to the course?

Learn more about how Facebook and social media work.

Setting up your Facebook business page?

Follow along in the video as you set-up your Facebook business page.

Creating professional graphics?

Learn how to use a free online tool to create graphics for your Facebook page.

Growing your business using Facebook?

Practical tips to help you grow your business online using Facebook

The next steps?

Keep learning, learn how to connect and network online.
Setting objectives and goals

Setting Goals for your Facebook business page

Refer to page 2 – 5 of your workbook

  • Research your ideal audience and find out what you can do to support their goals.
  • Define what you would like achieve and your business purpose on Facebook.  Consider these examples:  Brand awareness, Customer service, Leads, Sales.
  • Goals, list your goals and include dates when you would like to achieve these goals. Examples:  500 likes, 50 sales, customer support online and include dates.
  • Content, what type of content would you need to create to reach your objectives? Consider your audience, would they prefer educational content or a wider variety of content.  
  • Experiment with the type of content you produce and test what works.  (Blog posts, videos, images, quotes, animations, polls, competitions, questions)
  • Be Patient, in most cases growing a social media following takes time so keep learning and experimenting with new content.
  • Add value, make sure you are always adding value to your audience.